Bangles for women

A bangle is a beautiful piece of jewellery. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall beauty. 

Bangles for women even hold cultural and traditional significance. Bangles are the sign of suhaag for a married woman in India.

People perceive that a married woman without bangles on her hand can invite negative energies.

You will find bangles made of ivory, glass, wood, gold, and silver. There are various online jewellery sites where you can find bangles of different materials and designs. 

Mansya Jewellery has trendy and sophisticated design bangles that can elevate your beauty on any special occasion. The best thing is that you can purchase them at affordable rates.

The website is even user-friendly. Mansya Jewellery mentions product descriptions like material, colour, plating, and occasion to wear. It will give you a clear idea of what you will buy from Mansya Jewellery. 

You need to select your bangle size and order the bangles. They will be at your doorstep within a very few days.

Bangles For Women InMansya Jewellery

Banglesare one of the most essential ornaments for women. Mansya Jewellery offers four different types of bangles for women. 

They are diamond-look-alike bangles, Jaipuri Kundan, and CNC bangles. All are beautifully crafted and can elevate your beauty. They exude a timeless charm that can complement any of your outfits.

Let’s discuss the four types of bangles offered by Mansya Jewellery.

  1. American Diamonds

You can find an exquisite collection of American diamond bangles in Mansya Jewellery. They resemble almost similar to natural diamonds. Each bangle piece has a meticulous design to add sparkle to your overall beauty.

 For example, the Mansya Ruby and white gold-plated Kundan bangle studded with American diamonds is gold-plated and ruby red. You can wear it on any festive occasion to look unique.

Some women may search for multicoloured American diamond bangles to match their outfits. You can buy a four-piece gold-plated multicolour bangle studded with American diamonds. The bangle is ruby red, green, and white and is perfect for festive wear.

2. Kundan Bangles

You will also find various designs of Kundan bangles on Mansya jewellery. You can prefer to buy Green Meenakari gold plating sleek kundan bangles for a festive look. It has gold plating, and you can buy it at an affordable price. 

There is another excellent option, i.e. the Mansya Jaipuri hand-setted Jadau pearl bangle in gold plating. The jadau white colour stone on this Rajasthani bangle will give you a stunning look on any festive occasion.

3. CNC Bangles

CNC bangles are the perfect option if you are searching for daily wear bangles. 

You can choose to buy a dual-tone CNC daily wear bangle. The bangle is made from brass material and has golden white plating. You can even wear it while going to the office. The beauty of the bangle will complement any of your outfits.

Stylish Tips For Wearing Bangles

Bangles are the most common accessory in most jewellery boxes. Fashion lovers usually make a common mistake. They choose the wrong bangles at the time of wearing. It makes them look dull.

Below are a few stylish tips to look extraordinary on any occasion.

1. Choose Bangles According To Your Skin Tone

You should wear gold or rose gold bangles if you have a warm skin tone. A cool-skinned woman will look good when she wears bright silver or oxidized bangles. A neutral-skinned woman can experiment with almost any colour of bangles.

2. Choose Bangles According To The Occasion

Different occasions demand different bangles. You can prefer to wear Kundan bangles when attending a wedding party. It adds a sophistication to your entire look. But if you are going for casual outings, then wear CNC bangles.

3. Match Bangles With Your Outfit

You need to choose the bangles according to the colour and pattern of your outfit. We recommend wearing minimalistic or solid-coloured bangles if you wear a heavily embroidered or colourful outfit. On the other hand, if you are wearing a simple outfit, opt to wear bold and statement bangles.

4. Choose Your Style

Your style should reflect while choosing bangles. For example, if you want a classy and elegant look, then select American diamond bangles.

5. Give Importance To Comfort

You need to give importance to comfort while wearing bangles. It should not be too tight or too loose. 

Wearing too-tight bangles causes discomfort at the time of wearing. Additionally, wearing loose bangles increases the chances of slipping from your wrist.

Give even more importance to the weight of the bangles, especially when you have to wear them for long hours.

Bangles are an essential accessory for every woman. You can find unique bangle collections in Mansya jewellery. 

They fit almost any occasion, i.e., from work to weddings, birthday parties, and many more. You can follow the styling tips above to add glamour to your look.

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